I can hear that whalesong
The one that has
Its mighty crescendo
In the depths of the sea
Where only I
Can hear your love

It calls to me
Like light
Brushing past mountaintops
Like time
Beckoning me towards uncertainty
Like a hand
Walking me to school

I remember the day
You told me
Not to hold my backpack
That way
Not to chew on bottle caps
While I drive
Not to eat

Too quickly

I remember you lifting me up
And carrying me home
I was a child
Pretending to sleep
But somehow
You had awoken my heart

I remember the back seat
And the lights bleeding
On the window pane
And the white lane
Blending into a pale
Blur of color

I remember you greeting me
And holding me
Like a father and his calf
Dancing in a sea of song

I remember holding your hand
That last time
I remember saying
I will see you again

Yet I knew
That I won't

I knew that time
Would beckon me
And call to me
And carry me
In its final verse
Towards uncertainty

Now when my heart is still
I can hear that whalesong
Calling out
Your voice as clear
As it was then
Your melody filling
The drops and the depths
Of the ocean of my tears

And this time
I will lift you up
This time
I will carry you home
With every note
I will sing you
To sleep

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